At Laughton J&I a pupil's attendance is important to us; however, we know it is not always possible for your child to be in school everyday. We are committed to working with parents and carers to support their child's attendance to maximise their achievement and attainment.

LJI would like to announce our new Attendance Mascot.

Larry the Laughton Llama

Larry Llama.jpg

As part of my new role I will come and visit the class that has achieved the highest attendance each week!

So let’s aim for 100% Attendance so I can come and see you all soon!

He will be closely monitoring the children’s attendance whilst at Laughton Junior and Infant School.


Current Attendance: 97.17%

(w.c. 14th December 2020)

Previous Week: 98.68%

Target:                      96%

Did you know?

If your child is off for 1 day, it counts as approximately 0.56% of their  attendance marks. That’s almost 3% per week.

If they have a 2 week holiday and 2 weeks off due to illness in the entire school year, they will be classed as a ‘persistent absence’ by the Authority and will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer.

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If you take your child on a holiday in term time they will miss the following learning:

  • 5 hours of Literacy

  • 5 hours of Maths

  • 10 hours learning of other lessons (Science, P.E, Art, Geography, History etc.)


Please bear in mind the following rules apply if they get these common illnesses:

  • Sickness/diarrhoea bug– to be clear for 48 hours before returning to school (so this is a minimum of 2 days)

  • Chicken pox – to be off until the spots have scabbed over (usually 5 days)

  • Conjunctivitis – to be kept off school until the eyes are no longer producing discharge.

Useful Documents


Attendance Leaflet for Parents

Leave of Absence Form

Attendance Policy