Our Curriculum Statement of Intent

Here at Laughton Junior and Infant School we provide a creative curriculum which has been designed to develop key skills and deepen children's knowledge and understanding of the subject areas.

Our school curriculum fully embraces the National Curriculum and EYFS Statutory framework providing a strong foundation to build independent learners. In addition to this, interwoven across all lessons are our three core values: RESILIENCE, REFLECT and RESPECT.

Our curriculum is a progressive model underpinned by the key skills for each subject.  Through weekly lessons the skills are built upon each year until our learners have a secure understanding of each aspect, which they can then apply in different areas.  At Laughton Junior and Infant School, we also highly value reading. We believe every child has the right to be able to use reading as a tool to access learning and widen their connection with the world. 

We fully embrace a range of teaching and learning approaches.  These are shaped and crafted by the individual children’s needs to allow them to access the whole curriculum, whilst also allowing the teachers to demonstrate their strengths and passions.  Alongside teaching, formative assessment and feedback are a key part of our curriculum to ensure the pupils succeed.  The children are taught to embrace feedback, through acting upon their own and providing to their peers. 

Engaging, meaningful experiences and enriching visits are a valued element of our school’s curriculum as an increased knowledge of the world opens up new horizons.  This also includes offering a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that enables our learners to take part in local and wider community activities. Thus helping to create valued citizens who are ready to move on to secondary school. 

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Impact of COVID-19

The above curriculum statement was new in 2019-2020. Due to school closure on the 20th March 2020, some actions in the DEP were not completed or evaluated.  Therefore, the focus for this year’s DEP has been re-evaluated to put greater emphasis on some areas: School family wellbeing and academic catch-up.  Due to the current restrictions, certain experiences including educational visits will not occur at this time.  We will be adopting a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ approach to best support individual needs.  This will reduce the national curriculum content offered in the first instance.