Foundation Stage 1

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Mrs Adams 


    Mrs Brammer                 



    Mrs Devonshire



Ms Bell

Foundation Stage 1 are our youngest children. They come into school for 3 hours every day. 

Communication with parents is so important and we use face-to-face and online communication to ensure we know what is going on at home and parents are kept informed about their children in school. The staff will give you a log in for Tapestry our online communication system for Foundation stage.

Foundation 1 is all about social skills and getting children familiar with the routines of school life. The children have opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills, are exposed to lots of stories, rhyming and phonics and spend time exploring the world around them.

The children in FS1 are an integral part of the school and participate in many school experiences such as trips, nativities and some whole school assemblies. They have a sports day (with FS2). We encourage our FS1 parents to become fully involved in school life!

EYFS Policy