At Laughton Junior and Infant School we acknowledge that our children live in a continually changing digital world and that we need to equip them with the skills and understanding to respond to this. Our curriculum is designed to allow children to explore a variety of technologies to develop their skills, from foundation stage up to the end of year six. It has been designed so that children can progress their skills within and between year groups. Children are inspired and supported to develop their coding skills. Throughout school, computing is regularly linked to curriculum topics, as well as Maths and English. Children are able to use a range of laptops and iPads for a variety of experiences, including research and recording their learning.


We are also keen to give children the computing skills that will positively impact their future lives and have carefully broken down basic computing skills, such as using keyboard and mouse functions efficiently, for children to learn and build upon throughout the years.


At Laughton Junior and Infant School, we feel strongly that children should continue to develop their knowledge of internet safety throughout their time here. This also connects with the ethos of the school, where children are expected to be respectful. We have developed a personalised curriculum, which meets the specific online needs of the children in our school, as identified through careful research. This ranges from keeping personal information safe, cyber bullying and the use of social media. Internet safety is covered every half term in each class – this may be touching upon important points within lessons, as well as specific internet safety lessons – in order to ensure that it is constantly fresh in the children’s minds.

ICT Skills Progression Y1 - Y6

ICT Skills Progression EYFS

Please also visit our e-Safety page for guidance in supporting your child.