School Clubs

Laughton Junior and Infant school have a range of school clubs on offer for the children both at lunch time and after school.

Science Club

Why not come and join us at Science Club?  Each week the children conduct a different mini-investigation based around electricity, sound, forces, and changes of state.  This year our sessions will include experiments with fizzy rockets, magic balloons and musical coat hangers, great for getting us thinking about the science concepts we can see demonstrated.

There are separate Science clubs for KS1 and KS2, each running for half a term, all underpinned by our five science investigation skills. 


Young Voices

We are very proud of our choir at Laughton.  Every year, children in Years 2-6 are invited to take part in the Young Voices event in Sheffield as part of the Wider Opportunities programme. The children learn a wide variety of pieces to sing with the Young Voices Choir at the O2 Arena, Sheffield. After a rehearsal session with the orchestra, they perform, along with 5000 other children, to parents, family and friends in the concert. An amazing experience for all involved!

In addition, the children from Years 1-5 take part in the Rotherham One Voice event which is a smaller venue and a further opportunity for the children to perform.

Last year our Choir also performed at the Christmas service at our local church, where they sang to parents / carers and performed for their friends!

Choir club runs at different points throughout the year and is open to all children from Year 1 to 6. 

Messy Play

Come and join us at Messy play but be prepared to get messy. Messy play is for the children in Key Stage 1. Children need to bring a change of clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty and then we have lots of fun making a mess. The activities include paddling through Orbeez (water jelly beads), playing in Jelly Baff, slipping and sliding in shaving foam, walking through different textures (cooked spaghetti, baked beans, tomato soup) and painting with different parts of our bodies. We have a fantastic time, doing all the things that grown-ups don’t like.

ICT Club

Come and join our ICT Club. Children have the opportunity to take part in taster sessions using the different hardware and software that is available in school. The children will use a programmable toy, learn to use very basic algorithms to make things happen and develop their previously taught skills. In this club we have fun while also spending more time on activities that we love from curriculum time.

Art Club

This club is for years 3, 4 and 5.  Our main aim is to build up the children's confidence in expressing themselves through different art media.  We teach skills, techniques and art styles so they can express their creativity.  Art media includes digital art, paint, pencil collage and clay. Children become familiar with using different materials/ techniques and explore their own ways of using them for individual expression.  Each session builds on skills to then produce a final product, which the children can take home or form part of a school display. We have an open, friendly and supportive environment with each other and it is encouraged to champion each other's work during sessions and afterwards.